Milla Dance Sport – Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio

Our Story: Milla Dance Sport was started by Milla Sekret, 10 years after she moved to Ottawa, Canada from Riga, Latvia. At that point, she was 12 years old and has already been dancing intensively for 4 years learning from some of Europe’s best ballroom and latin dance teachers.

Now in Ottawa, Milla’s parents realized that continuing to develop their daughter’s talent and passion was going to be a challenge in a city where ballroom dancing was only enjoyed as a social activity. After a few years of struggle in finding something equivalent to the training she left behind in Europe, they decided to commit to bringing their daughter to Montreal weekly to take lessons from Canada’s top teachers for the next 5 years.

Later on in her competitive career, from 2010 to 2012, Milla learned from the world renowned Shirley Ballas who is the latin ballroom teacher and trainer of the highest caliber in the world. During this time, she was able to take her dancing to a completely new level. With partner at the time, Milla won many titles in different competitions in North America, including the title of Canadian Open Professional Latin Champion in 2011.

These days, Milla continues to train and compete with her current new partner, Michael Kudriashov, who is also one of the instructors at the studio. However her main passion now is teaching and providing top class social and international ballroom and latin dance instruction to the Ottawa and surrounding area dance enthusiasts.

All master classes are run by Milla and Michael. However, the studio is also well known for our social ballroom and latin dance instructors who are highly qualified and passionate about what they do.

Through her love of dance, and with her fabulous team of dance instructors, Milla has successfully combined social aspects of ballroom dancing with the more intricate technical aspects of international ballroom dancing. Continuously encouraging her students to develop such things as posture, balance and strength in all of her classes, while also having fun and learning to dance, Milla has acquired quite a large student base for Milla Dance Sport that look forward to their lesson every week.

“When we were planning our wedding, our biggest dream was for our first dance to be the final dance in Dirty Dancing. We looked around at a few other dance studios, but weren’t really happy with any of them. Then we met Melissa, who embraced our vision and did everything she could to make it reality — including the big lift! Melissa not only taught us how to do the dance of our dreams, she was a ton of fun and made us look forward to every lesson. Milla was very accommodating when we wanted to bring our friends in for the group part, the price was right for everything, and the whole dance turned out exactly the way we were hoping — and everyone was blown away! Thanks to Melissa, Milla and Milla Dance Sport for everything!”

—Lee and Melanie