I love dance at Milla Dance Sport. The teacher is patient and gracious. She is generous with her time with each of her beginner students.
 During the class I was breaking a sweat and getting my heart rate up…the next day, I was stiff in all the right places. Who knew rumba would be such a work out? And the precursor to a very romantic evening.
If you want to do something new as a couple and have  a reason to buy super cute shoes- join Milla Dance Sport’s latin ballroom classes.

—Jane Chambers

“Ottawa is privileged to be the home of this wonderful dance studio. The variety of classes, fun learning environment, and exceptionally talented professional instructors make this prestigious studio a joy to belong to. Not only is owner Milla Sekret a skilled teacher, but her endless patience, ongoing creativity, and incomparable technical expertise ensures that each class is challenging and exciting – a guaranteed highlight of my week!”


“Your professionalism and the atmosphere you are creating in class is enjoyable, and I must bring a Big Thanks to all of you. Great job.”

—Dan Nick

“When we were planning our wedding, our biggest dream was for our first dance to be the final dance in Dirty Dancing. We looked around at a few other dance studios, but weren’t really happy with any of them. Then we met Melissa, who embraced our vision and did everything she could to make it reality — including the big lift! Melissa not only taught us how to do the dance of our dreams, she was a ton of fun and made us look forward to every lesson. Milla was very accommodating when we wanted to bring our friends in for the group part, the price was right for everything, and the whole dance turned out exactly the way we were hoping — and everyone was blown away! Thanks to Melissa, Milla and Milla Dance Sport for everything!”

—Lee and Melanie

“Milla Dance Sport…. world class teaching…100% fun environment…it doesn’t get any better!!!!!”

—Gunars Kazaks

“I like your studio, you’ve blended your passion for dance and your entrepreneurial spirit into one. As you would say, Good job.”

—Francois Okeh

“I can’t believe how lucky we all are, Milla Dance Sport Studio is by far the best dance studio in the region. The caliber of the dance instructors is incomparable! The atmosphere is welcoming, enthusiastic and fun! Whether you are just looking to have fun, meet people, get in shape or learn from the best, this is the place to do it! I have been dancing at Milla Dance Sport Studio for a little over a year. I’ve formed many great friendships with the terrific teachers and students. I can also say that my dancing improves every time I have a lesson whether it is a private lesson or a group class. Basically, I love this place!! And will be dancing here until I can’t dance anymore! I hope if you are thinking about learning how to dance or looking to improve that you come to Milla Dance Sport Studio and you won’t be disappointed.”

—Melissa McCabe

“Milla Dance Sport Studio – I learned more in 1 hour than I did in 1 month at other studios! Professional, Enthusiastic, Engaging, Fun! A great team and a great place to learn dance.”

—Susan Trott

“Speaking as a student who just keeps coming back, Milla Dance Sport is a wonderful place to learn. The staff are talented, smart and *very* patient, the facility is excellent, and the courses are solid. There are many good dance studios in Ottawa, but this one is the best, as far as I am concerned.”

—James Careless

“I can honestly say that the Studio is my favorite place on the planet. Whether I’m having a good day or a bad day, it’s where I want to be. It’s amazing how laid back and warm the atmosphere is considering the caliber of training you can get here.”

—Dani Rocher

“If a person loves to dance, this is the place to go.”


“I haven’t felt this good in years and I hope you understand that this is from the excitement that YOU helped me find again. I just cannot believe that you took this former athlete who was well on his way to a beer belly and showed him how to be fit, alive and confident inside. Wow, Milla, just wow. “

—Jason Tetro (Jason regularly appears on Ottawa's CTV network as a health and hygiene expert)

“I’m happy with my progress, just 4 months ago I would have never thought that I would be moving the way I move today. I assure you that it’s not getting to my head. It’s grounding me even more as I notice that much work lays ahead and how much it has taken to get here. I feel that we all have our own journey on the dance floor too. Once we have found a competent teacher with excellent coaching skills, our limitations are mostly set by our own mindset.”

—Sylvie Seguin

“Milla Dance Sport Studio is Ottawa’s best kept Sekret.”

—Francis Burns