Advance yourself as a dancer and set the goal to compete.Milla3

Practicing with the vague hopes of “becoming a better dancer” can be demotivating. Why not make your goals specific? Why not put a deadline on them? Why not make it real? Focus your training by preparing for a competition.

Competing will give you tangible results of your progress. Do you know what’s missing in your dancing? Do you have a clear picture of who you are as a dancer, and what you need to work on? Reviewing your performance after you have given it your all can lead to powerful insights.

Ultimately, we as dance instructors at Milla Dance Sport are willing to embark on this journey with you. Who knows what you can achieve together with your partner, as a team? Who knows what you can accomplish on your own?

The Competitive Program is for both children and adults.

Compete as a couple, or partner with a teacher in Pro-Am.

Competitions run approximately 10 times per year in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Compete twice a year or more.

Milla Dance Sport dancers take part yearly in:

CANADANCE – September 2018 in Ottawa

Le Chick de la Danse – April 2018 in Montreal

La Classique Du Quebec – February 2018 in Montreal

Dansesport Montreal – June 2018 in Montreal

You have a dance competition partner!

You will be competing in the Amateur divisions against other student/student teams.

You don’t have a dance competition partner!

You will be competing in the Pro-Am divisions. Similar to Dancing with The Stars, you compete with your teacher against other student/teacher teams. You’re Nicole Scherzinger and we’re Derek Hough.

What is required to train for a ballroom dance competition?

Take a weekly private lesson to build a competition program of either 5 Latin dances, 5 Standard dances, or all 10 Latin/Standard dances. Most competitive dancers at the studio take 1 private lesson/week along with 1 technical group class per week.