Don’t let your dance dreams pass you by! We offer one-on-one instruction to help you attain your personal dance goals. Lessons are customized to meet your unique learning needs. We’ll teach you more about the dances you want to learn, at a time that’s most convenient for you – be it mornings or evenings, weekdays or weekends.

Sign up with a partner and split the cost of the package, or learn individually and dance with our instructors.

Browse our Private Packages below. Learn more about our Studio’s instructors here.

A single private lesson is $75 plus tax.

The Bronze Package – New Student Special!

A special deal for newcomers at the studio only. The package consists of 6 private lessons. The cost per person or couple is $360 plus tax.


The Silver Package

The Silver Private Lessons package consists of 10 private lessons. The cost per person or couple is $650 plus tax.


The Gold Package

The Gold Private Lessons is our best value package. It consists of 20 private lessons with the addition of 6 group lessons. The cost per person or couple is $1,240 plus tax.

Frequently Asked Questions by New Students:

1. Do I need prior dance experience to begin private lessons?

No dance experience is required to start private or group lessons at our studio.

2. Is the cost of the private lesson per person, or per couple?

The cost of the lesson is fixed, and up to 2 people can split the price. For 3 or more people wishing to split a lesson, a semi-private can be arranged at a different cost. Contact the studio to arrange a semi-private.

3. What should I wear to my first lesson?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow for mobility.

For women, heels are not a requirement. Shoes should be flexible, and should form well against the foot. Beware – regular heels are very different from dance heels. Make sure you can move in the shoes you pick.

For men, any comfortable shoes work. Avoid wearing shoes with a black rubber sole, as it sticks to hardwood floor.

4. How long is each lesson?

Some of our instructors teach 55-minute lessons, and some of our instructors teach 45-minute lessons.

5. Do I need a partner to take private lessons?

No. Female students are partnered with male instructors, and male students with female instructors. Your teacher will also be your dance partner. This is a preferred method of taking private lessons, because the instructor will work solely at your pace.

6. How many times per week should I book my lessons?

As many times as you want. Most students start of with 1 lesson per week, and choose to add more lessons as they progress.

7. How soon will I start to feel comfortable on a dance floor?

With 10 lessons, you can learn basic movements in 3 or 4 different dances. Usually, this is enough for you feel comfortable on a dance floor in a social setting. If you want to feel truly unstoppable, we recommend 20 to 30 private lessons.