Wedding Dance Choreography Packages

At Milla Dance Sport, we know how important your first dance as a married couple is. We’re committed to making your first dance the most fun, comfortable, and memorable experience it can be. Couples are encouraged to pick out a song and bring it to their first lesson.

Don’t have a song in mind? No worries! Our instructors have a range of popular wedding songs for you to choose from. We’ll prepare custom choreography to best suit you and your song.

Father & Daughter and Mother & Son dances are becoming increasingly popular. Create something special for your parents to always remember!

All lessons are 55 minutes.


Bronze Wedding Dance Package

Are you completely comfortable on the dance floor? The bronze package has 5 private lessons. We’ll choreograph a routine and teach it to you. The cost per couple is $325.00 + tax.


Silver Wedding Dance Package

Do you have little or no dance experience? The silver package has 10 private lessons. You’ll not only learn a routine, but also the basic technique of your chosen style of dance. Your wedding dance will be refined and polished with the extra bit of dance training. The cost per couple is $595.00 + tax.



Gold Wedding Dance Package

Are you still anxious about stepping onto the dance floor? Do you want to make something super special for your friends and family to enjoy? The gold package includes 15 private lessons, and 6 weeks of Beginner Ballroom & Latingroup classes.

Our group lessons are designed to help you feel your best while dancing. Popular dances such as Merengue, Salsa, Rumba, Cha-Cha, and Watlz are taught in the program. You’ll not only be prepared for your first dance, but for the entire night of social dancing after.

You and your fiancé will be taught technique, the story line of the dance, and how to lead and follow as partners. Celebrate your love in a powerful way! The cost per couple is $860.00 + tax.


Frequently Asked Questions by Couples


1. What should we wear to our first lesson?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow for mobility.

Shoes should be flexible, and should form well against the foot. Beware – regular heels are very different from dance heels! We encourage women to bring the shoes they plan to wear for the wedding.

For men, any comfortable shoes work. Avoid wearing shoes with a black rubber sole, as it sticks to hardwood floor

2. What should we bring with us to our first lesson?

Your chosen song on a cellphone, iPod, or CD.

3. What if we haven’t yet chosen a song?

No problem. At your first lesson, our instructor will show you some popular wedding dance songs you can choose.Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for the Studio’s list of popular wedding songs.

4. How many lessons do we need to prepare a fabulous routine?

The gold wedding package offers 15 private lessons and 6 Beginner Ballroom & Latin group lessons. You and your fiancé will have a beautiful wedding dance prepared, AND you’ll be truly comfortable performing in front of your guests. And come the dancing part of the night, you’ll be well versed in Cha-Cha, Swing, Rumba, Salsa, and lots of other popular social dances.

5. How many lessons per week are we able to take?

As many as you’d like. We’ll go at the pace you need, whether you have a fast-approaching wedding, or months to prepare. The norm is 1 lesson per week.

6. How long is each lesson?

Each lesson is 55 minutes long.